Hiiragi Fukuda - Personal Server (CS)

More gold from Mr. Fukuda! A collection of home recorded solo guitar pieces (or Guitar Diary as Hiiragi puts it). Very raw and sparse but with all the power and emotional weight that those in the know have come so expect from Hiiragi. Lucky for us he has had new releases coming more frequently including a re-release of the Seacide tape on LP from Trouble In Mind and a fresh new 7" of My Turntable is Sloow outtakes that Selection brought to you in conjunction with the legendary Holy Mountain label.
Personal Server was meant as a palate cleanser for an upcoming brand new solo LP! More news on that as it is revealed. Perfect vibes for a late dark night.

Price: $7.00

Hiiragi Fukuda - Me And My Marshall Amp (7")

Selection is excited to offer the latest from the great Hiiragi Fukuda.
Known for his blazing guitar work both solo and on Kiyohiro Takada's
(Les Rasilles Denudes) fantastic Doronco Gumo LP.
Here Hiiragi mines (spikes?) a different vein, guitar has taken a
backseat to organ and it's so fuzzy it'll dry out your mouth.
Written in loving tribute to the late Jim Marshall, channeled via
Suicide and smoke filled rooms.
Flip is a sunny mellow cha cha cha (duh) so relaxing i'm suggesting
you get a prescription.
Follows up releases on Sloow Tapes and (Hiiragi's own amazing) Fuyusoubi Music.
Also, Selection will be re-releasing Hiiragi's 2nd full length "My
Turntable Is Slow" on LP in Fall 2012.
Previously only available as a cassette edition of 90 in Belgium!

Price: $7.00
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