Terror of the Deep - Death of the Gideon (12”)

Debut vinyl release for this fresh and exciting Wellington NZ trio! Follows up cassettes on Night People. Strung along the same mystic thread as all your favorite Flying Nun and NZ bands of yore, yet claims their own voice and avoiding becoming a tribute act.
Finally here and Selection couldn't be any prouder! Listen here and enjoy!

RIYL: Chills, Go Betweens, David Kilgour and the Heavy Eights

Price: $12.00

Robert Scott - The Professor And The Team (CS)

Selection is beyond ecstatic to present an archival release from our hero, Mr. Robert Scott!!!
Legendary member of both the CLEAN and the BATS, Bob has always kept himself busy at home recording constantly.
Many songs never make it to either of his more well known groups, some emerge under the name ELECTRIC BLOOD or as CDr's under his own name.
What we have here is a collection of songs recorded at home in Dunedin in the summer of 1988.
1988!!! the year of The Law Of Things, also he was getting ready for the 1st Clean LP Vehicle.
Lo-fidelity as you would expect and demand. VERY excited to be working with Bob on this archeology.
Expect a collection of Electric Blood early recordings from Selection later this year!

Price: $6.00

Wet Illustrated - 1x1x1 (CS)

Debut album from California's Wet Illustrated on Selection cassettes!
Follow up to the killer Born Stoked 7", Immediate pop with psych and punk hooks!
On tour with Devon Williams in November.
Edition of 250, Selection 002!!!
LP/CD/DL on True Panther Sounds

Price: $6.00

Nodzzz - From Bleak To Blech (CS)

Selection 001!!!!! Edition of 300
A collection of singles, demos and outtakes from 2006 through the present.

Price: $6.00
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