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Yuka Ijichi - Peanuts Butter (Revisited) (CS)

Rainy day dream music, simple and beautiful. Tokyo's Yuka Ijichi stuns us all with this debut.
Acoustic freakouts saddled up next to quiet drones accented with heavy psych leads.
All vocals by Yuka Ijichi, Guitars by Hiiragi Fukuda and Kiyohiro Takada (Les Rallizes Denudes)
Originally issued in Belgium on the brilliant Sloow Tapes label in 2010 in an edition of 90 copies.
Snapped up instantly upon original release by those in the know (all 90 of them), Selection is proud to offer this (once again) limited revisitation of this masterpiece.
We're thrilled to bring this jewel to all lovers in the USA.
A song was dropped, but a new one added! Thus this is truly a revisitation and not a straight reissue.
150 copies on royal blue shells for a new world.

Price: $6.00

Residual Echoes - Incredible Feets (CS)

Residual Echoes have been spending the last few years at home,
woodshedding and getting way out in the inner mind.
Selection is damn proud to have the fruits of this fertile period to see the light.
6 tracks (56 mins!) of sun drenched, fuzzed out guitar mauraudings
that venture between paranoid and aggro to peaceful and even sweet.
Primitive beats keep up most of the time.
Recorded at home in early 2012 this is the first full length Residual
Echoes release in two years.
Selection will also be releasing a new solo LP from Adam Payne (that's
MR. Residual Echoes to you!) Early 2013.

Price: $6.00

Hiiragi Fukuda - Me And My Marshall Amp (7")

Selection is excited to offer the latest from the great Hiiragi Fukuda.
Known for his blazing guitar work both solo and on Kiyohiro Takada's
(Les Rasilles Denudes) fantastic Doronco Gumo LP.
Here Hiiragi mines (spikes?) a different vein, guitar has taken a
backseat to organ and it's so fuzzy it'll dry out your mouth.
Written in loving tribute to the late Jim Marshall, channeled via
Suicide and smoke filled rooms.
Flip is a sunny mellow cha cha cha (duh) so relaxing i'm suggesting
you get a prescription.
Follows up releases on Sloow Tapes and (Hiiragi's own amazing) Fuyusoubi Music.
Also, Selection will be re-releasing Hiiragi's 2nd full length "My
Turntable Is Slow" on LP in Fall 2012.
Previously only available as a cassette edition of 90 in Belgium!

Price: $7.00

Bill Nehill - 2 Rose And Protection (CS)

Fresh on Selection! We're psyched to be bringing this to light!
Emotional and raw debut cassette from this shadowy Western New York underground fixture.
Bill's notorious performances have swung between beautiful and unnerving in recent years.
This tape manages to capture the agony and the ecstasy of those shows.
All acoustic breakdown (in more ways than one!) Not for the faint of heart or easily bummed out.
Limited in intention and edition, 100 copies.

Price: $5.00

Wet Illustrated - 1x1x1 (CS)

Debut album from California's Wet Illustrated on Selection cassettes!
Follow up to the killer Born Stoked 7", Immediate pop with psych and punk hooks!
On tour with Devon Williams in November.
Edition of 250, Selection 002!!!
LP/CD/DL on True Panther Sounds

Price: $6.00

Nodzzz - From Bleak To Blech (CS)

Selection 001!!!!! Edition of 300
A collection of singles, demos and outtakes from 2006 through the present.

Price: $6.00


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