Sadahiro Yamada - May Rock N’ Roller Be In The World (CS)

Sadahiro Yamada
May Rock N’ Roller Be In The World

A quick follow up to last years underground (far, underground) favorite, OK To Exist Doing Nothing. This time out it's just Yamada on Vox and Guitars, our man in Japan Hiiragi Fukuda on Bass and Synth accompanied by Mr. Rhythm Box, a Roland TR-33. Hypnotic boogies from space, spare and raw! A different vein than OK, but deeply satisfying.
Expect more from Yamada in the future!!! Let's all feast on this first.

Side A:
1. Eibmoz Izan
2. Robot City
3. Let's Freak Out
4. Wooly Bear Train

Side B:
1. Kanpachi Super Cat
2. Super OK
3. Boo-Hoo-Hoo
4. Dr. Cool Head