Sadahiro Yamada - OK To Exist Doing Nothing (LP)

Sadahiro Yamada
OK To Exist Doing Nothing

Selection super session Japanese style. Live and on fire in Tokyo 2004.
We have Selection's own Hiiragi Fukuda on drums and Yuka Ijichi on blazing guitars along with Kiyohiro "Doronco" Takada (Les Rallizes Denudes!) on bass and of course the star of the show, Sadahiro Yamada (visionary and owner of the fine Cho Yamada Dou record store in Kokubunji, Tokyo. ) fully up front on guitar and vocals.

An intense night of raw psychedelia (thankfully) recorded for your pleasure. Will excite fans of Les Rallizes Denudes, Doronco Gumo, Pre-blueswailing era Major Stars and most guitar bands on P.S.F. Records.

Side A:
1. Frog Family, Kasumigaura
2. Black Cat Crosses Your Path
3. Blow Kiss Blues
4. (Jam)

Side B:
1. On The Turtle's Shell
2. Village Of Soy Sauce
3. Wind And Insects


All tracks recorded April 29th 2004 by Shunsuke Izumimoto