Terror of the Deep - Death of the Gideon (12”)

Terror Of The Deep
Death Of The Gideon


Debut vinyl release for this fresh and exciting Wellington NZ trio! Follows up cassettes on Night People. Strung along the same mystic thread as all your favorite Flying Nun and NZ bands of yore, yet claims their own voice and avoiding becoming a tribute act. 
Finally here and we couldn't be prouder! Listen here and enjoy!
RIYL: Chills, Go Betweens, David Kilgour and the Heavy Eights

"There are flashes of all the right indie/pop touchstones, some “Dunedin Sound”/Flying Nun, The Go-Betweens, Velvet Underground, all those obvious references/influences but it’s been shaped now to fully suit the sound of Terror of the Deep; they have arrived at their own feel. Their own place. Songs like Times of Uncertainty in fact showcase everything I’ve just named, all in the one tune, but you only realise that after. You’re sure you’re listening to a band called Terror of the Deep, not just a band that wants to hint at Go-Betweens, VU and some Nun." - Simon Sweetman, Off The Tracks


Side A:
1. Fallen Down Tree
2. Times Of Uncertainty
3. Don Not Ask For Love

Side B:
1. Model Train Village
2. Get It Together