Yuka Ijichi - Peanuts Butter (Revisited) (CS)

Yuka Ijichi
Peanuts Butter (Revisited)

Rainy day dream music, simple and beautiful. Tokyo's Yuka Ijichi stuns us all with this debut.
Acoustic freakouts saddled up next to quiet drones accented with heavy psych leads.
All vocals by Yuka Ijichi, Guitars by Hiiragi Fukuda and Kiyohiro Takada (Les Rallizes Denudes)
Originally issued in Belgium on the brilliant Sloow Tapes label in 2010 in an edition of 90 copies.
Snapped up instantly upon original release by those in the know (all 90 of them), Selection is proud to offer this (once again) limited revisitation of this masterpiece.
We're thrilled to bring this jewel to all lovers in the USA.
A song was dropped, but a new one added! Thus this is truly a revisitation and not a straight reissue.
150 copies on royal blue shells for a new world.


Side A:
1. Ride Your Pony
2. Doo Dah
3. People Around Me
4. Hand Glass

Side B:
1. Sunday Afternoon
2. Nawashiro-Strawberry
3. A Sand Dune
4. Itsuki Lullabye